Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 9

Two prowlers are sitting on a wall, watching the sun set and the moon rise.  This was fun to experiment with lighting and I think it came off pretty well.  I always have liked that eerie glow that cats eyes' have in the dark when they catch a bit of light.  I hope that comes across in this.

I did a doodle of this while I was at work today on a break.  Seems like I am doodling a lot lately. I may be busy with something but my head is on what the next painting is going to be!

The painting for day 9 is available for sale for $9. It is painted on watercolor paper size 5 x 7.  If you are interested in these two kitties please email me at lauraparkhurstillustrator@gmail.com.  The first person I hear from can purchase them!  Thanks for stopping by to see my latest painting.