Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 17

I am LATE!  I did not even make the midnight cut off for the official end of the 17th of September! So I am frustrated, but I did make a piece of art.  It is done, it is just tardy.

I have created a goldfinch for day 17.  When I was around the age of 12 or 13 (a painfully awkward season in my life, when I was embarrassed about everything) my family took a trip westward.  Now when my dad took a trip back then, he would pick a general direction, figure up how much money he had to spend, drive in the decided direction and when he was half way through the money, he would turn around and come home.  Now there may have been more planning involved than that but that was the way he described his trip planning to his preteen daughter.

On our journey we traveled through Iowa.  I don't recall much of Iowa.  Lots of corn fields.  But we did stop in a little town that had a gift store that was full of corn souvenirs and Iowa themed knickknacks.  I picked out a necklace with a pewter pendant which had an enamel goldfinch on it.  I had decided sometime before that goldfinches were my favorite birds.  Probably because of an art kit I had received for Christmas which had been a paint-able goldfinch model.  Anyway, I knew that the goldfinch was the state bird of Iowa but for some reason when I was discussing the necklace with my parents I called it the state bird of Ohio. Now Ohio and Indiana have their state birds in common.  They both chose the cardinal.  Not that this matters.  My twelve year old brain managed to get the words Iowa and Ohio mixed up.  Never the less, my dad got such a kick out of my mistake that he teased me about it all the way to Nebraska and back to Indiana.  And even to this day, if you ask him about goldfinches, he will tell you they are the state bird of Ohio and get this silly grin on his face.

Well, this little goldfinch is not the state bird of Ohio.  But it is for sale for $17.  If you would like to buy it, please email me at The first person I hear from can purchase it.  Thanks so much for following me as I create this series.  Your comments are also welcome.