Monday, July 15, 2013

In Hiding

Okay, I will admit it... I've been hiding.   Posting here on my blog has become less and less of a priority.  Not that I think that is a good thing, but in the time I have taken too be away, I have been more productive and actually doing ART rather than just talking about it. 

As important as it is to share what I do, it is even more important that I do the very thing I am pursuing which is to create.  It is far too easy to spend my free time writing or thinking about writing for my blog or looking at Face Book!  People watching is fun, but unproductive and not creative, unless it inspires the artist to actually make time to create.  In my case, I'd say only about 20% of my time on social media is inspiring the rest of the time I am just drained and bored.

I also admit that I am still on Face Book everyday, and I am on it way too much, but I have still had time in spite of that to make stuff!  I just decided to not stress over my blog.  It is still here.  I haven't forgotten about it!  And I still love all of you who come to visit!  It always makes my day to see that someone has stopped by and even better when you leave a comment!

So please, feel free to leave a comment.  Have you taken time off of social media?  Did it help or hurt your creativity?  I'd love to hear from you!  Blessings to you.... now stop reading this and go make something!! :)