About Me

Art and creativity is a gift that God has given to all of us.  It takes form in music, visual art, written word and design of environmental space.  It also shows itself in the way we live our lives, solve problems, entertain ourselves, raise our children, do our jobs, relate to other people and seek God.  Yet too often we think ourselves un-creative because what we do doesn't fit into that first list.

When I was in the 8th grade, my art teacher sat down next to me, looked at the art work I was drawing and said, "You ought to become an illustrator."  That one sentence filled my head and heart with excitement   A year later, my freshman English teacher told me I had talent in my creative writing.  (It really is amazing how much power a teacher has over the dreams of a child!)  I knew I wanted to write and illustrate children's books, but I had no idea how to go about it and being painfully shy, I didn't do a very good job of finding someone to help me.  Once in college, I made little headway in the right direction other than majoring in art and training in graphic design. After college the desire to have a family eclipsed everything else.  Nearly 20 years have passed since then and my art and writing became memories, faded and pushed aside.

Though I don't regret those choices, I know I need to brush off those old dreams and build them again.  Having children has probably been the most creative thing I have ever done or ever will do and the influence these precious young people have had on me has refreshed my desire to make art again.  I know I have been creatively living all this time, but knowing they have their future wide open, I want them to see that the future will ALWAYS be wide open.  Their lack of inhibitions at drawing and making music and creating has made me reevaluate my own creativity and the little inner critic that is always ready to discourage me with "reality" and the "truth".

I believe God has a plan and purpose for the gifts that he has given to me.  I want to be faithful and attempt to be fearless and make things that will reflect his beauty and love into the world.  I want to creatively encourage people and make them smile and think.  I invite, you dear reader, to do the same.  Rethink your talents.  Open your mind to a broader definition of creativity and talent.  Look for inspiration which is all around us.  I invite you to follow me as I renew my journey of creativity and beauty-making.  Leave a comment and share with me and my other visitors what you do to nurture your creativity and talents.