Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 18

Sometimes if feels like the day just runs away from us.  That was the day for me.  I kept trying to grab hold and accomplish something, but the day got away. The only tasks I finished were the dishes and today's painting.  Everything else is only half done.  Not being able to complete a task is so frustrating.

I think that is why I chose the setting of this painting to be a misty beach.  The horizon is a dim line and the sky and sea are gray and without edges.  The unexpected thing was how much I enjoyed painting the gray sea and the damp beach.  The horse seems like a ghost, ready to disappear into the mist.

Today's painting, which is on 5 x 7 watercolor paper is available for sale for $18.  If you are interested in purchasing it, please email me at  The first person I hear from can buy it.

Thank you for following my art.  The days really seem to by slipping by so quickly.  It seems like the day starts and I am full of ambition, then by 2 pm I am realizing I don't have a sketch done for today's painting yet because I am so busy.  But really it's a good thing. I am busy making art and that is what I have always wanted to do.

Hope you can make it by again tomorrow!