Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 16

When I see pictures of elephants, I feel sad.  This goes along with what I talked about yesterday and thinking about what the purpose of my art is, which I want it to be about creating beauty.  Elephants are beautiful in a wild, awe inspiring way.  They are strange in their form, not familiar like animals that look like deer or horses or cats or dog.  Those kinds of animals are relate-able  So if I see a gazelle, it reminds me of a deer which are familiar to me.  But when I see an elephant it is almost other worldly, exotic and strange.  And so beautiful when they are in action, moving swifter than their bulky forms would hint they were capable of.

So why am I sad? Elephants are disappearing.  I read an article in Smithsonian Magazine a couple months ago and it made me realize there really could be a day when Africa is empty of this majestic and iconic animal.  And it is all because of the evil and greed of man. That is why I am sad. Because the elephant should be an image of God's creativity and majesty.  Instead it is a symbol of the depravity of which people are capable.

I painted a picture of this elephant family, that even though it makes me sad, represents love, which I believe elephants feel. God did make them and He gave them a capacity for affection, joy and grief which is so close to human beings it stirs our hearts and minds.  This elephant picture represents the love of a parent and child and it represents God's love which is all around us.

This painting is available for $16.  It is 5 x 7 on watercolor paper.  If you are interested in it please email me at lauraparkhurstillustrator@gmail.com.

Thanks again for following my art.  Today I was cutting it close as it is 10 til Midnight as I write these words. But I made it.  And if you know anyone who might enjoy this picture, please share it with them!