Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 54

Another Halloween themed picture! This is my 54th painting. From what I understand black is not used in traditional watercolor paintings. But I am enjoying using it in this and yesterday's paintings. I get the paper wet where I want the black to be and then drop the color into the moistened area. It spreads and makes really cool patterns, like lace or spider webs, soft and feathery.

I also wanted to create a feeling of shadow and light with the pumpkins. The shadows create a dimension to them while the bright light shining from within creates a nice contrast.

This black cat is painted on 8 x 10 Arches 100% cotton watercolor paper. It is available for sale for $50. If you would like to purchase it be the first to email me at lauraparkhurstillustrator@gmail.com. I know decorating for Halloween has become very popular and more elaborate than it was when I was a kid when all you had was a couple of jack-o-lanterns on the front porch. This black cat would make a great addition to the ambiance of that spooky day!

Thanks for following my artwork. Hope you will come again tomorrow to see a new picture!