Monday, September 22, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 22

I started taking violin lessons back in February. I never took a music lesson before that in my life. So this has been a hard thing for me. Many times I have thought about quitting the lessons because I really don't practice enough.  I have good intentions and then all of a sudden it is lesson day again, a whole week has passed and I didn't pick it up more than once that week.  That is not enough practice.  But in spite of that, I have kept going to my lesson and some weeks I do practice more than once.  And in infrequent moments, I feel like my fingers know the right places to go to form each note. My bow doesn't hit the stings on either side of the string I am trying to play. And in that moment I make music and I feel lifted and triumphant and I smile.  I will probably never perform in front of anyone. To me that is okay because I am doing this for me, proving I can learn something new and conquer it.

The cat and the fiddle keeps drawing me back.  I have drawn and painted this before.  I think I just like the violin and cat. I imagine I am the cat and playing the fiddle may be something a bit unnatural for me, it just feels like a good fit.

This little cat and his fiddle are my 22nd painting in this series of 100.  He is for sale for $22.  If you would like to buy him, please email me at  The first person I hear from can purchase him.

Thanks for following my art.  Hope to see you tomorrow!