Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 2

Day 2 is a portrait of a tabby cat.  She is looking out the sliding glass door, probably watching a bird a few feet away.  I was watching her and admired her unusual pattern.

She is for sale for $2 as it is day 2.  Please email me at lauraparkhurstillustrator@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing her.

I am really excited about this 100 day challenge.  (Although it seems like there are a hundred challenges going on out there on the internet these days!) By committing to this, I am determining to paint something and I know it is good practice.  Part of being an artist is honing your craft and practice is the only way to do that.  I think all day how I can fit it in and that is really helping me to stay productive.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hope you come again tomorrow to see what I will post.  Since animals are my theme, it could be any of God's creatures.