Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 41

I have been taking requests for subject matter for my 100 paintings. This is a bearded dragon. Like the hedgehog and the opossum, I have never done a detailed picture of a lizard before. I wanted to experiment with this because I was leaning so heavily on the reference photo. The pattern in the background I did with a resist that kept the paper white in the places it was applied. I used it on the lizards scales too. I also let the water and color puddle where it chose to create a cloudy effect on the background and the lizard itself.  I like how it turned out.

This was also and exercise in sticking with a job. I am finishing this really late and I knew once I got the sketch done that this was going to take a lot longer to execute than some of my other paintings. So every time I felt the urge to stop and take a break, I resolved to stay with it. All the little detail take time, but in the end it is worth it.

This 41st painting is available for sale for $41. It is 8 x 10 and ready to frame. If you would like to buy this painting, please email me at The first person I hear from can purchase it.

Thanks so much for coming to see my art. Hope you can come by again tomorrow!