Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 51

This painting is from a sketch I did last year. Sometimes a piece of art needs to sit and rest. When I went back to it for this 100 day project, this seemed like it had potential to make a cute painting that reminds me of my daughter and the delight she has in her face when she has a surprise for me.

I went back to the 5 x 7 size for this illustration. I think the size makes for a more personal piece that looks nice on a bookshelf or desk.

Because I am going back to a smaller size I am going to leave the dollar a day increase which I have been doing. From on, all 5 x 7 paintings I do for this project will be available for sale for $25. Pricing my art is a challenge. There is the desire to be compensated for my talent and time. But I don't want to alienate potential buyers. It is a narrow path to tread.

If you would like to purchase this cute little kitten, be the first to email me at It is $25 and the first person I hear from can buy it.

Thanks for checking out my art work. Hope you can come by again tomorrow for a new painting!