Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 42

Time Management. I am failing at it.

But with every failure there is the opportunity to learn and do better the next time. So much of it is about making choices. Now some choices are already made, like my family needs to eat and I am generally the cook. My house gets messy and training kids to clean up after themselves takes time, as does the actual cleaning. My other job takes time. I can't just paint full time - yet. And even if I could, I would still have to manage projects to fit them in and then have the discernment to know when I can't make a deadline. Other things though are choices... like that television show I am addicted to. Maybe I need to go cold turkey. And Facebook, though it is making my connections with people possible during this project, I don't really need to stare at another cat video. The little things are like termites in the frame of a house. Over time, their little jaws can eat it all away.

So I need to cut out distractions. I need to work more and zone out less unless the zoning out actually benefits and doesn't just waste time. If I want to succeed at this, fat needs to be trimmed.  Entertainment tends to be the fat right now. It can wait until later. has a lot of great articles to help artist with their careers. Here is a link to a helpful article on time management.

This is painting #42. I am posting late again because of poor time management. But I will figure it out. I know I will. This painting of what are commonly called parakeets but are actually called budgerigars, is 8 x 10 and available for sale for $42. As I researched for this painting, I found out these little birds are from Australia originally. The wild ones fly in huge flocks looking for water and food. They all are green like the bird on the left. Since their domestication, they have developed mutations which have resulted in the blue color of the bird on the right, but also birds that are all white, all yellow and variations in between. Cute little birds! And they are happiest when they have a mate.

If you would like to buy this painting, please email me at The first person I hear from can purchase it. And if you have a suggestion for an animal you would like to see me paint, please leave your suggestion in the comments below. Thanks for coming by to see my artwork. Hope you can come by again tomorrow for a new picture!