Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 35

For painting #35 I decided to illustrate an animal story. These are Bremen Musicians. If you are not familiar with the story it is about an old donkey whose master is about to do away with him so he decides to run away and go to Bremen to become a musician. Along the way he finds a dog who is in the same situation and he invites him along. In the same manner they meet a cat and a rooster who also join their merry band to become musicians in Bremen. Eventually they come to a little house which has been inhabited by thieves who are counting and devouring their loot. By now the sojourners are hungry so the decide to drive the thieves away. So they stand outside the house and make as much horrible noise as their voices will allow. Terrified, the men leave the house, running away into the night. Later, after the animals have had their fill and settled down to rest, the thieves return and send one of the number into the dark house to investigate. This creates a humorous scene with the unfortunate thief getting attacked by each animal and screeched at by the rooster. He is so terrified he tells his companions there is a witch with sharp claws, a giant with a club and an ogre with a knife that attacked him along with an angry judge on the roof shouting "Put the crook in jail!" Frightened by the "monsters" in the house, the thieves run away never to return, leaving the animals there to enjoy the abandoned farm.

In my illustration, I have imagined they actually made it to Bremen and are performing a jazzy tune in a popular club downtown.

This illustration is available for sale for $35. If you would like to buy it, please email me at The first person I hear from can purchase it. Thanks again for visiting my blog to check out my work. Hope you can make it by tomorrow. I will be here, posting another fun picture!