Friday, October 3, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 33

I have not been this sleep deprived since my kids were tiny. Back then it was this irregular, sleep when you can, sleep in the middle of the day, sleep on the floor beside the crib kind of sleep. Now it is the going to bed way to late and getting up way too early because I have to do all this stuff. And it is all good worth while stuff. And I had read that starting a business was like this. You have to make sacrifices. I am sacrificing sleep. Painting every day means painting mostly when my kids have gone to bed. It means squeezing sketch time in while I wait for them to do their extra curricular activities. It means planning ahead while I drive to my other job.

I am sleep deprived like I was when had babies. Now I am creating something new just like I did then. It is not the same. A business is not as important as a child. But doing something for myself that lives or dies based on my effort is something that has challenged and enlivened me in a really amazing way. Not only that it has given me an opportunity to meet new people and catch up with friends I haven't seen in a long time. That also has given me new enthusiasm.

I am sleep deprived and I can barely follow a train of thought, but I know that doing this is creating something good in me. Not only because I am doing something profitable but because it is blessing other people. There really is so much on the internet that is dark. I get to give a little bit of beauty to people everyday and that is so worth it.

Today's painting is about sleep. This little fox is doing what I need to do. And once I post this, I am going to crawl into my bed and pass out!  This 33rd painting is available for sale for $33. It is 8 x 10 and ready to frame. If you would like to buy it, please email me at The first person I hear from can buy my little sleepy fox. Thanks for coming by today! Have a good night.