Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 48

My dad has always said owning a horse is like owning a boat. You have two good days; the day you buy it and the day you sell it. He bought a horse for me the summer I turned 16. I guess other girls would have wanted a car.

Receiving my horse was a good day. But there were other good days. I remember the thrill of riding home really fast in the snow and how it flew off of my horse's hooves. I remember how beautiful our horses where when they would gallop across a field. I remember how fun it was to go on a ride with my dad and have his company all to myself. I remember getting caught in a rain storm at the far side of our farm and sitting on my horse listening as it poured down on the roof of the a old barn which stood back there.

I remember the day my dad sold our horses. It was the winter before I got married. They had become wild from lack of attention. It was time for them to have a new home. I didn't tell them good bye. But I have those memories and there were many good days.

This portrait of an Arabian horse is my 48th painting in my 100 day series. It is available for sale for $48 to the first person to email me at If you would like to buy it please drop me a message!

Thanks for coming buy to see my work. Hope you can come again tomorrow!