Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Read This Book: Breaking Into Freelance Illustration

I just finished a great book that I know will be useful to anyone who is trying to start their own illustration business.  Breaking into Freelance Illustration : A Guide for Artist, Designers and Illustrators by Holly Dewolf is packed full of encouragement, inspiration and information.  She has included great interviews with other illustrators and designers along with website information.  Websites that illustrators can participate in are also listed along with other resources.  There is advice on staying motivated, getting organized, self promotion, industry information, accounting tips, copyright information, business management, going after clients, pricing, and really a lot more. Now that I have finished, I intend to go back with a notebook and pen and jot down all that useful information and put it into good use!  Go get this book an read it too!  You can get it at Amazon, of course.  I read it on my kindle, but it could have just as easily arrived in my mailbox!  So there's no excuse not to read it!  Click on Holly's name if you want to check out her web site.