Friday, November 21, 2014

Painting a Day - Day 73

 I am giving myself permission again to not be perfect with my posting and doing a daily painting. I posted the sketch to Facebook, with the intention of posting the watercolor yesterday, but family stuff came up and I've got to take care of certain people!

This was another kitty cat I used to have. She was very shy but very sweet and very pretty.

Doing the sketch was a great way for me to find her fur and her tabby markings. I have heard it said and I believe it is true, drawing is the basis for all good art. I always do
a sketch before I start start painting. This is especially important if I am doing a painting from a photo or from life. It helps me find texture and shadows which will help me when I get ready to make the painting.

Thanks for visiting again. I appreciate you coming back even though I didn't manage a post yesterday. If you would like to purchase the watercolor of this kitty cat, email me at  It is 5 x 7 and for sale for $25. Hope to have a new painting up tomorrow so hope you can come back then!