Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Painting a Day - Day 62

This was meant for yesterday but I wasn't able to complete it in time. Having a goal to paint daily has been such a great way to become productive and prolific, but I am finding it difficult to avoid having a day here and there where I just can't get it done. I am not certain I will get a new painting off today either though I do have a sketch.  Irregardless, I am creating at a rate and quantity I have never achieved before and encourages me that I can continue to produce many pieces of art in the future.

I recently watched an instructional video about watercolor painting and the artist used his sketches to develop his plan for the painting. As you can see in the photo below, I drew the kangaroo and developed shadows. I think used this as a guide for the shadows for the painting. Remembering that all bodies have volume, shadows and shading done with a consistent light source can create a three dimensional feeling to artwork. The sketch helps to achieve this.

Thanks so much for visiting my site. This painting is my 62nd painting in my 100 paintings in 100 days project. It has already been sold and will be going to a new home! Tomorrow's painting is already planned. I hope you can come again tomorrow to see it.