Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Voices of Inspiration

As I am doing the work of art and crafting, I'm looking for inspiration, anything or anyone who can strengthen me and keep me motivated is part of the resources needed to be creative.

Last week I wrote about friends who encourage us in our creativity and who are open to sharing their creativity   Now I am thinking of mentors.

A mentor might be someone you know, but it also might be an author or artist or musician or some other form of creative person who inspires but whom you have not met in person.  I am so thankful there are generous people out there who are blogging or making videos or books or performing so that we can participate and also absorb and be inspired.

This week I felt inspired by Jeff Goins, a writer and blogger our of Tennessee who often talks about claiming your dream today rather than saying, "Some day I will be a ...."  He says his life changed when he started calling himself a writer rather than saying one day he would become a writer.

So I am calling myself an illustrator and writer.  I am not going to do it someday.  I am going it right now!  Maybe I'm not getting paid for it, but I don't get paid to be a mom and I am definitely a mom!!

Here is a link to Jeff's blog and a really cool interview about this topic.  So find someone you can emulate and draw inspiration from.  You don't have to know them, just watch them.  Then, start claiming your dream today!

Please leave a comment!  I'd love to know who inspires you in your dream.