Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Steps on a Long Journey

Last week I posted that I have a dream of becoming a published author/illustrator.  I know I need accountability and I am going to start posting weekly how I have taken new steps toward that goal.  I started this blog at the beginning of September and that has been such a huge move.  I have had so much positive feed back from these first endevours.   It feels like there are so many things coming together.  When I first got out of college, I had no idea how to go about becoming an illustrator other than the advice of a professor which was to move to New York.  My path didn't move in that direction at that time.  But I have had the chance to get some life experience, meet friends who love me enough to encourage me, and explore other avenues that were not there 20 years ago.

So, this week, I wrote my goals out.  I had done this before but this time it was in a more concise list.  I then posted it above my work space which itself was a big step in the direction of achieving my goal that I made back in August.  Now I can see that list every time I sit down to work and remind myself of what exactly I am looking forward to.

I also established a schedule for blogging.  Everything I am reading is insisting that having an online presence is vital to finding a door into the publishing world.  I am also recognizing that this is a wonderful format to practice the art of writing as well as a kind of gallery to show my art work and receive some feed back.  Being part of a community here online can only help me to grow as an artist, and I hope the journey I take along that path can help someone else to have hope and not give up like I did when I was younger.  Having said all of that, I intend to post Monday through Friday about art, goals, writing, inspiration and leaning on my Lord God through all of this.

Something I have been doing for a while, though with no real direction, is visiting the library and collecting books on the above topics.  Now I know that educating myself in a regular and purposeful way is necessary for me to have quality posts here but also for me to become a skillful illustrator and author.  I know I need to have knowledge about the industry and find ways to hone my craft.  I am not a college student anymore, with abundant free time and few responsibilities   I am a mother and wife, with a household to care for, two part time jobs and other commitments.  Over the years I have mistreated my talents and left them to atrophy with too many excuses.  Now I know that this is not only cheating myself, but my children as well because I want them to see that their mom has talent and vibrancy which they can be proud of, even if I never have the kind of success I dream of.  When all is said and done, I want to have at least TRIED.

These steps are not new or really particular to this past week, but I have had the opportunity to stop and say, yes I am  taking steps.  I am not doing nothing.  So to take an accounting of what I have done can only give me more strength to keep moving forward.  As I take these steps, I will continue to pray for wisdom and strength, because I don't know where the path will lead and I do know I do not have the strength on my own to climb this mountain, but I know the Lord will provide for me.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will take a moment to comment.  I would love to know about your own journey toward your goals.