Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Little Stumble on the Road

I am finding it ironic as I sit to write this post about what I did to get myself closer to my goals, I actually failed to reach the goal of posting this on Friday!  I came down with a bad cold and a need to sleep that is still unsatisfied!  Non the less, I am posting it today because I am not going to throw up my hands over one little unmet goal!

When I first considered what I would write, I had a hard time coming up with a list as there were no great and notable things which I had done at the time I was brainstorming.  But then it occurred to me that I had managed to draw something everyday, kept up the blogging schedule (except for yesterday ), and had created some portfolio worthy art work.  So, it was the the keeping of commitments that got me a step closer.

Now that I confess that even as I kept some I fail to keep others, I can say that I do not feel discouraged because I am still committed.  Even sitting here for a few minutes to put this all down is if nothing else, simply me keeping me accountable.  I know the only way I will eventually reach my goals is to pursue it everyday, even if that pursuit only happens in my brain in the form of planning.

I couple of other things that I did was to receive a catalog from a publisher which I had requested last week so I can get better acquainted with the products they create and I really feel drawn to them.  I believe I have a work in progress that I can eventually send to them.  The other thing I did was to join a critique group on Face Book.  I had looked into a group meeting locally, but that didn't work out.  This group on FB seems to be a great place to get feedback and to ask questions and share ideas.  I am really excited to have people with a common interest to talk to.  Being a writer and illustrator is lonely.  Not too many of us congregating in groups, so to find a few folks to share with is very refreshing.

So, all in all, even though I am a day late with a post that is not all that well thought out, I feel like I kept moving forward.  I didn't go off in a ditch for a while or do any self-sabotaging.  That in an of itself is an accomplishment worth taking note of!