Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Inspiration of Friendship

Since I began this blog, I've intended to talk about what inspires me, hoping I can inspire someone else.  For years I have used the excuses of being too tired, too busy, too burned out.  Sometimes you need SOMEONE to help you get out of that creative funk.

It is amazing how much a friend can inspire your creativity.  Around this person, you flourish and mature, growing under the light of their energy and love.

I have several people in my life who actively encourage me in my endevours and creative pursuits.  One friend advises me on how to overcome discouragement.  Another has listened for years to my dreams - some just fancies - but has always gently encouraged with gentle interest.  One friend suggested very earnestly that I start this blog!  I am so glad I took her advice!  Still another dear friend brags about me to other people.  And my inspiring friends are all creative in their own right.

Not everyone is so steadfast.  Some people are negative or jealous. But over the years, I have found friends who strengthen me and pray for me and share their wisdom and experience.  Being in the presence of these friends has given me the courage to step out and reach out.  Creativity is difficult in a vacuum.  If you want to be creative, find creative people who will let their own joy pour out on to you.

I would love for you to leave a comment and tell me about the people in your life who have inspired and encouraged you!  After all, dear commentator, you have the power to inspire others too!