Wednesday, September 12, 2012


sketch for "imagination"
completed watercolor
Well, this is my next submission for Illustration Friday.  This week's theme was "imagination".  I had thought of drawing a boy with a telescope looking out to the horizon with literary characters behind him.  I didn't really like that too well. Then I thought of children playing dress up seeing themselves in mirrors in the way they wanted to look.  I liked that okay, but I felt like it was probably done by other artists.  Then I thought about the darker side of imagination.  I remember when I was a child being totally freaked out by the reflection in the window of what looked like glowing red eyes.  It took me several terrified moments to realize the devil wasn't looking in my window, it was the red numbers on my alarm clock reflecting in my darkened window.  Phew!  I want to post how I started and the finish.  I'm not very experienced yet with watercolor so I know this could be much much better.  Lots of room for improvement!  I plan to start doing a watercolor of some sort each week so I can get good at it.  Colored pencil really is my thing, but I can learn new things!!