Thursday, January 1, 2015

Painting a Day - Days 88 - 91

 As I have neared the end of my painting a day project, I have found it extremely difficult to keep up with it. The holidays have taken a lot of my attention and to be perfectly honest, I have just been tired. The seasons have changed and I can tell it has affected my mood and energy level. But in spite of that, I am still working. I am really proud of my determination to do this considering this time last year I gave up on my creative pursuits all together and did not take it up again until late spring.

This project has changed my life in so many ways. I have seen my skills improve as I handle the watercolors. My drawing skills have sharpened up to the level I was at when I was in college 20 years ago. I have often felt like I let my talents go to waste and that has discouraged me from trying to take it up again. But there are so many people I have heard who have encouraged me and others that it is never too late. I believe that.

I feel like my life has happened in stages. After college I got caught up in making a living and being married. My art career seemed like an unattainable dream that I had not idea how to make happen or the will power to make it happen.

I spent my 30s having babies and raising them. I couldn't devote a steady stream of energy to anything but them. Now as I look back from the beginning of my 40s I see that in many ways I am a one pursuit person. My energies are limited and my propensity to negativity often thwart my plans. But over the past 4 months I have seen that I can change my thoughts and I can overcome fatigue. It has taken many years to come to this place, but I believe it has all happened for a purpose. I am excited that my children are around to see their mother do this. I hope they will see that they can overcome being down and getting discouraged.

I am also so amazed at the support I have received from people on line and locally. I feel like I have a real future as a working artist and I look forward to see where this journey takes me.

Thank you, Reader, for visiting and being a part of that support. Blogging is hard when the day has come and gone and I feel like I have nothing to say. I have leaned hard on Facebook, but blogging has helped me share more of myself. I am glad you have chosen to let me share with you.